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We are at your service with 300.000 kinds of products with the following main product groups. Spare parts for machine tools Industrial Professional Kitchen Mechanical Seal Pump Groups Bearing Groups Valve Groups Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Equipments
Pinar Vana started toll manufacturing in 1984 in industrial sector and in 1994 it created Nesil brand within framework of customer oriented understanding together with growing goal. Pinar Vana performed manufacturing in 20.000 square meter area in Konya. It provides many products such as sliding valve, fire hydrants, checkvalves, agricultural irrigation hydrants, butterfly valves, dismantling parts, cast joints and many products with its customers under Nesil brand. It has Brand registration, TSE, TSEK, TS EN ISO 9001-2015 and CE certificates within framework of quality understanding. Prior objective of our company is continuously improving product quality, to increase sales volume and production capacity properly and to present best quality with most suitable price by standard and mass production. Pinar Dokun which continues to grow in sector is rightfully proud of using power and energy which are received for you for using again in service for you.
LT Hydraulic Machinery Industry and Trade Limited Company was established in 2005. Our Company present engineering and field experience over 20 years in hydraulic, pneumatic and automation industries
Our company started its activities in imes industrial zone in 1996 under the name UNOX.Our company,which has gained serious experience in solenoid valve and actuator since the first day of Manufacturing, has become a solution partner for industrial installation users with the complementary product group imported by our company under changing and developing market conditions.From the first day of manufacture to this day, use of more than 400,000 units of product, fault return is close to 0 .This percentage of success of our company with annual capacity of 30,000 units; it is the result of the integration of mechanical engineers and technical personnel with the understanding of trade and superior quality at the core of the administrative staff.
We, having the power of half-a-century manufacturing experience, have started our way to produce a 'NEW' solenoid valve which would symbolize a different production and service mentality. Since the
**strong text**YTMPipe is a supplier of piping products to worldwide since 2010. YTMPipe has a large variety of piping products. We are supplying of carbon steel pipes, carbon steel flanges & fittings, ductile iron pipes, ductile iron pipes & fittings, hollow & square section &profiles and pipe accessories (flanged gaskets, pipe seals, vibration absorber expansion joints for pump stations, pipe casings and flexible joints) which are used in construction industries, manufacturing, fabrication, energy and processing. For detail informations about our piping products please view our products in website or get in touch with us and ask for detail product catalogue. YTMPipe can serve his valuable customers with reasonable delivery and prices with a worldwide transportation system. For your requirements please get in touch with our experienced sales team to assist you. It will be our pleasure to be your solution partner in your projects.
Since 1988, we felt the need to establish Promecco Industrial Company in order to share our knowledge and experience in the industrial industry sector and to be more beneficial. Promecco Industrial engineering company's objective is to design the right mechanical design of the mechanical installation systems in industrial processes, to choose the right materials, to ensure maximum efficiency of the system as a result of correct installation. Our company has been established to serve in the energy field of the industry such as steam Power Plant, hot oil plant, superheated water plant, compressed air, fire, industrial natural gas, industrial insulation, CE certified stainless chimneys, chiller cooling and VRF system installations and all high pressure lines.